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Read before purchase

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For use as a botanical specimen only. Mitragyna Speciosa is an unapproved dietary ingredient. By opening this package you accept full responsibility for the use of this product including but not limited to any adverse health events or health complications. Periodic health monitoring is encouraged while using any natural product.

Mitragynine - 0.9 to 2%
Hydroxymitragynine- 0.05 to 0.09%

Serving Size up to one gram. DO NOT EXCEED MORE THAN ONE GRAM DAILY

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Is Kratom Legal in my state?

Most likely YES! Kratom is becoming more widely accepted everywhere! The American Kratom Association, or AKA, is fighting hard on our behalf to educate our Government on  Kratom. I wholeheartedly believe we will win this fight, but we need your help. Contact your local Representatives and let them know what Kratom Has done for you. Also, donate to the AKA!

The following states are currently banned states. If you are unsure, please email me at  for questions

Vermont, Rhode Island, Washington DC, Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin

Sarasota County, FLA
Jerseyville, ILL
San Diego, CA

For a more Comprehensive legality map, click the link below!


Denver has put a human consumption ban on kratom, but it remains legal for other purposes

What is Kratom?

Kratom, or, Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree that is native to South East Asia and is from the same family as the Coffee Tree. The Leaves are dried(or cured) and ground up to make Kratom Powder. In Southeast Asia, they simply eat the leaves off of the tree, and sometimes soak them in soda and other liquids to make a concoction often referred to as thom. When leaves are dried and cured in a  specific way, it makes all the difference.   It makes the effects of the leaf stronger. This is why drying process is very important, but there is also another very important reason. Drying conditions can also affect mold and bacteria. That is why it is very important to know what methods and facilities the farmer is using to dry, package and store the Kratom.
Safety is the number one concern of my company, but just as important as the safety of your leaf is the quality. Many of the strains I carry are string dried strains. This ensures the freshest and most potent product available, even in the rainy season. So rest assured, I am striving to bring you the most fresh and cleanest product possible! Every strain has been tested by me, and meets the Philly Kratom Standard!
If you haven't already,I encourage you to check out my Youtube Channel. Read through the comments. There are close to 300 videos on there. Some are educational and some are off the beaten path. I hope they make you smile at least once and help you grow and learn with the community we have built!

How safe is Kratom ?

Kratom is VERY safe when used on its own. Kratom may be a bad idea if......

You take other medications
you are pregnant
you are taking a bunch of herbs
you are exhibiting a compulsiveness to take kratom more than 3 or 4 times a day

These are my opinions. Do your own research before starting ANY regimen or making ANY lifestyle changes.

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Do you offer Kilos?

At this time, my stock is limited and I do not have enough to offer single strain kilos just yet. We are offering 4 way split kilos for $115. All you have to do is pick 4  8oz options. Your invoice will then be adjusted accordingly. We hope to have single strain kilos up shortly. 


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A from Michigan:- Friend

A day in June of 2013 would change the course of my life when I was involved in a motorcycle accident. months of prescribed opiates for pain would lead to a 5 year struggle for me. Fast forward those 5 years and I found my self laying in bed constantly begging god for answers, telling him I don’t know what to do anymore, begging for help. I didn’t know what else to do and was slipping into depression for the first time in my life. Then I saw the word kratom appear, that lead me to the internet and doing a lot of research. I made my first order online and instantly I noticed the urge and thoughts about the meds subside. Today those urges and thoughts are completely gone and I truly feel that kratom saved my life. I can sit here in 2019 and proudly say I am happy, my wife is happy, my bank account is no longer lingering around 0. I have a new chance at life and I’m loving it. I owe it all to kratom. Without kratom I don’t know where I’d be or how far that depression I would have gone. It’s amazing what a plant can do for you, here’s to hoping it’s around for many years/generations to come. God bless everyone and kratom on!

A from Michigan


Howdy, my names nick. My story is a long, endless thing that im gonna summarize into a brief journey. I started taking kratom only a year ago, off and on. Ive tried to get my mom to try it, but shes sensitive to trying new things. We both share this belief in, when we find something that works, we stick to it. We both have Crohns disease, since we were 12. And no medicine we try has helped for long. i continue to try humira, and all these things. My mother on the other hand is coming from a place of all those opiate analogs etc. Just very general, ill mention we had to move cause of a 3 year harrassment from our neighbor. As far as medicine, im the mystic of the family, ill be the first to try salvia and bring a new meditation to the table; in other words, there's some headbut moments between mom and i before we agree on a path. But now that we're at that point, where we can use our words to convince each other, and not harm, we're suggesting new ways to cope with stress. New ways to be productive, etc. Thats why kratom, having had a great experience, is another medicine in the arsenal that could and should be utilized. And its something that is such a direct link to nature, that theres no middle man for the body; it quickly gets to work in the body. And thats the best kind of medicine. Soon, i hope to have my mother give it a go, and begin sharing with her the effects and new techniques that will inspire us and help us grow. Thank you -nick



one thing I can vouch for is kratom. I was an addict for 30 years also suffer from extreme lower back pain from when I work as a demolition man.. then in Sept 2017 I went to the suboxone Dr paid tons of money and the Dr prescribe me 3 8/2 mg tabs a day. and said I'll have to be on them for 3 or 4 years. at the time I didn't care if how long I was on them. so one day in August of 2018 I called my Dr and said look I'm done with being on suboxone I don't want them anymore I'm done well they said Ok well how about we cut the cost for appointments to half. I said your not understanding me I'm done. they said well ok ok how about this you pay nothing for the rest of all your monthly appts. and we'll give you a special coupon that will make all your tabs only 2 bucks a piece I said wow that's great news. they made my next appointments but never went back to them. for them offering me to pay nothing and my whole scripts for only 180 bucks told me rite then that they don't give a crap about me and my addiction issues and only need me for their script count to big pharma. and after. just stopping I contacted Sean asking about kratom because I've seen videos on his on kratom before. Sean is a amazing person/friend now. after talking to him I decided to st it for my withdrawal symptoms. eel wow I had 0 withdrawal and if it wasn't for that kratom I'd be back on the subs for sure I've been sober since last year thanks to kratom. I've tried the syndicates kratom before but was on the subs so it didn't really do anything for me at the time. I now live pain free opiate free etc. Buddy Michigan



Kratom has saved my life I’m so many different ways I got addicted to pain pills at a young age and have struggled with that addiction for over half my life now! Then I became really sick physically and mentally the pills were destroying my body and I became super depressed and suicidal I became a recluse I didn’t go out anymore I didn’t want to see my family and friends I was super angry all the time super stressed about everything crippling anxiety because of the stress and depression became an insomniac and psychotic as well so they put me on antidepressants antipsychotics sleep meds anxiety meds and all it did was get me hooked on more pharmaceuticals and make everything way worse and then I found Kratom an that’s when it all changed for me I’m now off all pharmaceuticals no longer depressed or suicidal no more anxiety I sleep like a baby I actually have energy now and I’m in a good mood most of the time it doesn’t get me high nor do I take it to get high it just gives my addict mind something while it rewires itself from all the damage done by pharmaceuticals and I am now a productive member of society and I truly would not be here if it wasn’t for Kratom and if it ever does become illegal or banned I really don’t know what I will do? Either take my own life or get back on the pharmaceuticals again and no way will I ever take those stupid things again so I’m left with option 1 unfortunately.. My name is Ryan and I am Kratom and this is a brief description of my Kratom story



I won't talk about what life was like before kratom. But Kratom has given me my life back. I have now been clean for over a year. And most importantly I still get to be my hardened self. I am now in the best of health in my entire life. I'm 26 and I got back into shape and pushed my endurance further than ever before. I was bike riding 12 miles a day starting. Over the last year I have put 1000 miles + in. Not to mention the hard construction job I was working. All this because I could finally let go of the hard stuff. Kratom gives me all the same inspiration, strength, creativity and most importantly mercy without the same negative side effects. The mercy of this plant is one of the few things that makes broken life worth living. There are so many misunderstood things about the person and the plant in general. It's still not a perfect relationship but it's so very very less harmful.



I’ve been using kratom for about 6 months now. It’s helped me with depression and anxiety. I’m prescribed Zoloft and Xanax, but I haven’t had to take any of my Xanax in 2-3 months. I’ve just noticed I’m happier and more outgoing than I used to be. I used to have to drink alcohol every single night in order to feel happy or less anxious. I got to the point I was drinking 2 full bottles of wine everyday and I just HAD to stop. Replacing alcohol with kratom was the best thing I’ve ever done. I don’t have the urge or want to drink anymore. My last drink was November 30th 2018. So, I just don’t know what I’d do without kratom. I sure as hell don’t want to go back to drinking and popping xanax’s.



Date I first Tried Kratom: January 09, 2006 Location: Island of Saipan – Commonwealth of the Northern Marianna Islands United States Addictions I had on this day: Alcoholism – It was getting worse Story: At the time I was working crazy hours 15+ 7 days a week peak season – At, The Pacific Islands Club Hotel and Resort. San Antonio district, Saipan USA 96950. After work my friends and I went to parties and alcohol was a huge part of it. A friend of mine introduced me to his girlfriend/Lady from Thailand. One morning major hangover my friend and I went to his ladies flat. She looked at me and said ”Stop drinking so much. I agreed.” We passed out on her outside roof deck area my friend and I did, next morning, she made up some Kratom Crushed Leaf Tea. She told me to drink it. I was having a major hangover so was my friend. He drank a small cup, I drank the whole 2 large cups of it.” It was hard to drink not used to the taste of this botanical. Within about 40 minutes or maybe even few minutes before I had this feeling of being awake and not needing anything to drink or, go back to tobacco which I had quit in October of 2005 in Saipan the previous year. Beginning in February of 2006 I began drinking this tea every three days or so one or two times a day. 2 months had past +. The date was March 16, 2006 I had not had a drink in 30 days! I did not return To smoking tobacco or any tobacco products or alcohol of any kind. This Kratom saved my liver and possibly my life. I am Forty-Eight years old in March of 2019. I am tobacco free, alcohol free drug free, and RX script free, OTC medications free, Any and all illegal substances as well. This is a God-Send to me. From Thirty-Five years old to today March 4, 2019 at Forty-Eight years old Kratom has helped my health in a myriad of ways. Keep this plant legal! Please. Ted J Turner … Southwest United States. Monday, March 4, 2019


Dave, PA:Friend

Chronic pain has followed me through out life. Due to always being in pain I naturally fell into an opioid addiction fueled by greedy doctors and a failing, overpriced medical system. Then to get off he opioids I had to take another opioid that I could barely afford. So once I got clean the pain never went away and eventually gradually got worse and worse. I was off of opiates for 8 years and Scared that the pain was temping me to fall back into the same cycle of doctors and pills and rehab. An information packet on kratom and it’s benefits fell into my lap. At first it all sounded way to good to be true so I joined someone Facebook forums dedicated to this amazing plant. After talking with people and seeing positive post after postive post I decided to try it for my self. I was wowed my first dose and a new chapter of my life started without even realizing it. Life didn’t seem to hurt as much and on top of the pain being better, I have more energy then ever ! I always wonder where I would be if I never found this life giving plant. Thank you kratom :)

Dave, PA


My name is Tim and Kratom has saved my life in more ways than one. I had addiction problems for over 10 years and over that time tried everything in the book to get my life straight. Nothing i tried worked and my substance abuse just kept getting worse and worse. I actually started to believe i could never be saved and decided to just stop trying and go back to using cause thats what i knew best. Then when i was in the darkest place ive ever been before i went and picked up some kratom since i had tried it a few times before and wanted to re visit it. It surprised me because all of the sudden alot of my problems didnt seem so heavy anymore. I could eat, sleep, be social without my cripling axiety that kept me from making friendships with anyone, it made my depression disapeir and i truly felt relief for the first time. I kept with it and over time my relapses got less and less frequent until one day i realized i had been clean 6 months straight. Thanks to kratom's help i finished what i had to do to get off probation, i was able to fix my relationship to my family again, ive been clean and sober from my old substance issues for over 2 years, and it has helped me to all and all be a better person in general. It has helped me find myself again in ways nothing else ever could have. If it wasnt for me girlfriend, her family, and plain leaf kratom i dont want to know where i would be right now. Kratom helped me in more ways than i can count and it continues to do that every single day. Im happier and healthier than i have ever been in my life. Kratom was a gift from god in my life. ----Tim


Boston Friend:

You can buy Kratom from a hundred different vendors these days. I chose to buy from Philly K because of trust. Most vendors are out for the quick buck. Philly K is not just a vendor but a strong and reasonable voice for the Kratom community. I love how has a passion for Kratom and is knowledgeable about the product and able to educate. He is always super quick to respond to me if I have a question and is honest about everything. Orders get mailed out super fast same day, great product, awesome price, trustworthy dude. Why would you want to buy from someone else. I buy from Philly because he is an honest stand up guy that fights for the Kratom community. It’s not about the money with him it’s about passion for his product.

Boston Friend

A friend from Connecticut:

I was born Connecticut in 1978 and spent a good part of my life in the New England area. I was born to two married and happy people who are still together to this day and just celebrated their 50th anniversary. My child hood was great. Family vacations, folks had good jobs, nice home in the suburbs, everything a kid could want. When I was born I had a deficiency in my left foot called club foot. I was operated on at birth and had this nagging pain in my lower leg/foot since I could remember. I didn’t know what to do and like many who have the same issue just dealt with the pain. I remember one day, maybe I was twelve or so looking at my grandparents pain meds in our home and thinking, what the hell maybe this will help. Little did I know that this would the beginning of a 25 year downward spiral that landed me in everything from jails to rehabs and institutions. For me it was a progression that continually got worse and worse over time. Taking piece by piece of my soul and destroying everything around me. What started with taking a few Percocet’s and valium here and there from family and friends to seeking out Oxycontin and heroin from drug dealers. It was around 1999 or 2000 that I made the choice to get help. Not court ordered help of forced intervention but real help. They say you will never help yourself until you hit the bottom and beg for help, really want it. So I decided to enter a methadone program. The real hell began the day I received my very first dose. I went through all the paper work, met a counselor and was told to go to the window for my first 30MG dose. This was my first time taking the med so I didn’t know how much consist of a normal dose but was told 30MG coming off the street was totally normal and the standard they use. Unfortunately I was accidentally given a much higher dose of 30ML which is equivalent to 300MG (A lethal dose for anyone). The clinic realized that they had given me 10 times the dose and rushed me to the county hospital. Over the next 5 days, all of which was spent in the ICU, my heart stopped a number of times and was on a Narcan drip for a majority of the time to counteract the methadone. Five days later I came out of the hospital on a massive daily methadone dose of 140 MG/per day. I tried to get off the methadone for almost 17 years. Trying everything from quick drop in doses, slow detox, cold turkey, suboxone, buspar, Orlaam etc... You name I tried it. Nothing was successful. About Three years ago I managed (over the period of two years) to take my last dose of methadone. I decreased 1 MG every other week, went real slow and got down to 4MG or to the point where it was no longer holding me and honestly felt like I was wasting $90 a week for nothing. I decided enough was enough and took PTO from my job and fought the fight. Extreme pain, RLS, hot and cold... all of it in the worst way. I thought this would maybe last a week, not quite, after two weeks of pure agony and hell I was still in crippling withdrawal. Methadone was by far the hardest fight of my life. The medicine is time released and stores in your body which is why it has such a low success rate in quitting. Some patients quit, but a majority end right back on it in a matter of time. Trust me, I watched the same faced come and go over the 17 years I went to the clinic. Two weeks after my last dose at the clinic and still fighting the withdrawal and the terrible opiate depression that follows quitting, I saw the kratom in a local smokeshop. I had heard of it thought all the research I did on quitting methadone so I kind of knew what it was. I bought a pack of 50 pills and took maybe 5 or 7 right away as soon as I got to my car. I can honestly say that within 30 minutes I felt like a brand new person. I was out of bed, zipping around the house and feeling better that I have felt in years. All naturally too may I add... This leaf did it for me! It was the answer I was looking for and has helped me finally remove the liquid handcuffs that is methadone and opiate addiction. I have since found a solid vendor who tests the products they sell and genuinely care about their customers and the kratom community. This plant, this leaf has given me my life back. It allows me to work without feeling the pain associated with club foot. It gives me so much motivation and ultimately has made me a much better person. On a side note, I didn’t even realize this but I ​ haven’t had a drink since I started a daily kratom regiment. Kratom has completely removed any urge (or) want to drink alcohol or take opiate pain meds and heroin. This plant has given my life back to me and I will do anything in my power to keep it legal and available to anyone who can benefit from it.

A friend from Connecticut


I am a retired, law-abiding citizen and veteran who has benefited greatly from Kratom. I have osteoarthritis and bursitis and find it difficult to get up and get going in the morning. Opioid medications are out of the question and Advil does not help one bit.I take three grams in the morning and I am pain-free and completely mobile, looking forward to my day. Kratom does not make me high, nor do I have a desire to abuse it. I am able to work my part-time retiree job, contribute to society, and pay my taxes. This leaf has been a lifesaver not just to me, but to so many. It is a perfect pain killer and it is the answer to the opioid epidemic that is tearing this country apart.


Brett T:

I was the kind of alcoholic that needed to sleep with a bottle of vodka just to get a few hours of sleep. I was in and out detoxes all the time and continued to drink. One of the main reason I always relapsed was because at detox they pump you full of benzos and then taper you down very quickly. So then leaving treatment I would still be detoxing from alcohol and now benzos. I had read about Kratom before and how it helps with easing detox symptoms. I was at a head shop and told the guy what was going on and he sold me some red Bali. Let’s just say that after ingesting the amount he told me to, I was already feeling better within 45 to 60 minutes. I continued to use Kratom to help ease the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol and benzos. I just got 18 months the other day for no alcohol. That’s a miracle if you knew me. Since then I use different types of Kratom for pain relief as I am a mechanic with a bum shoulder and back. I would much rather drink Kratom and water than have to use pharmaceuticals to kill the pain. I also suffer from horrible sleep and have found that Kratom is amazing at helping me get a full nights rest. Kratom doesn’t get me high it does make me feel good and dulls pain. It’s a miracle plant that scares the hell out of big pharma because it simply works. In and out of detox and rehab for years and since Kratom I have 18 months without a drink and that’s a miracle. I know I have a similar story to others with alcohol abuse but results like that don’t lie. Thanks Philly K for being a Kratom Advocate and educator. All I needed for so long was some relief that Ingot from Kratom. Wish I discovered it sooner but thank god it came into my life.

Brett T


My kratom story started 10yr ago. I am a retired commercial photographer ( as of 2yr ago ) , and had been doing that kind of work for 40yr. Surprisingly, it can be very physical work, between set building and location work. Upon reaching my middle 50s, I developed very painful rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and knees. I couldn't afford to retire that young, and I knew opioids would be trouble. Thanks to the internet I came across info on kratom helping arthritis pain. It turned my life around! Kratom gave me 10 more productive work years, without opiates, safely controlling my pain issues. Here in Illinois, I am one of the lucky ones who can readily obtain it. I can't imagine how badly my life would be affected if it was banned. How silly would it be to force an old guy my age to illegally find it on the street. ( Which IS what I would do ) Kratom has been nothing but safe and effective. Thanks for fighting the good fight.


MARK B.:Friend

I'm 62 when I was 23 I was in a rollover car accident and the roof collapsed on top of my head compressing my cervical spine , the chronic pain began at age 45 , I was sent to a pain specialist because surgery wasnt a option for me and they put me on Oxycontin. They kept raising the dose because my body would become tolerant to the same dose. At one time I was at 240 mgs of Oxycontin 3 times a day , then I asked my doctor to change my medication and he changed it methadone 120 mgs 3 times day. Then things began to change with the opioid epidemic so doctors lowered my dose to basically nothing 10 mgs 3 times a day so back in late 2016 I began to taper off of methadone and it was the worse 8 months of my life. I got really sick and thought I was going to die but I did it and it was frighting , I still have chronic pain. I wish I would have known about kratom in early 2017 but I just found out about it last June 2018. Kratom has changed my life for the better. I thank God I found it because my life was spirally out of control being in chronic pain all the time , I came real close to going to the street for pain relief but I never did. Kratom changed my life for the better but I fear it will be taken away like they took away my pain meds which I never abused. Thanks Philly K for keeping us informed. God Bless , Mark B.



At the age of 25 I was medically retired from the military due to an injury. I had 3 spine surgeries and permanent nerve damage in my legs and feet. For 9 years I was on every opiate from fentanyl patches to methadone to try and control my pain. These medications robbed my body of calcium and at 30 I was 100lbs overweight with osteoporosis and sleep apnea. Depression , anxiety and PTSD set in. Then came antidepressants and benzodiazepines. After 3 accidental overdoses and hospitalizations. In March 2017 I decided I had enough and discovered Kratom. Long story short , I am now 2 years off of all controlled substances and from 270 lbs to 170lbs. I recently had a bone density scan and my osteoporosis has actually begun to reverse itself to osteopenia. Also my sleep apnea has gone from severe to mild. Kratom literally gave me my life back. “



First off, I want to thank my viewers for watching me learn and grow on Youtube. I hope I have educated some of you and saved a life or two along the way. Kratom is so much more than a leaf from Southeast Asia. It has saved millions of people including veteran's . For me, it changed my entire life. I served five years in prison, from 2010 until 2015. When released, I was full of fear and doubt. Luckily I found my future wife Megan. She assured me that I was capable of leading a normal and happy life. For a while, things were breezy, but the old feelings started to creep back in (lack of gratitude, fear, pity, self loathing, obsession) and soon I found myself back in active addiction. Finding Kratom saved me from ending up back in Prison or dying. My life has not been perfect( as my viewers can attest to) but Kratom has given me hope. I have seen many kratom vendors in my time as a reviewer and advocate and I take the good that I see and leave the rest. After selling privately to my Viewers, I decided to start this site. Finally on solid footing, I want to share my experience and wealth of information with you, and of course my quality leaf! If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me any time. I am excited to share the miracle we call kratom with you, and make your experience as positive as it can be! Kratom is not a one off thing, it is a lifestyle. So get involved, ask questions, and enjoy the miracle that is called Kratom!   Thank you For Visiting! Sean, AKA Philly Kratom

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